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In 2020, 52 new Indian startups become Unicorn

Indian unicorn startup club: 52 new startups ready to join the club In a report, published by the software industry body Nasscom, 50 Indian startups got funding of over $50 million in 2019. These 50 startups have the potential to join the club of Indian Unicorn Startups in the coming years. The trend of joining Unicorn startups is from 15

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Indian startups funding report first 9 month-2019

Indian startups fundraising report- first nine month-2019

Indian startups first 9-month funding data report published by YourStory mentioned that, in a total of 603 deal, Indian startups raised $7.67 billion. The figures are just down 4% from the previous year 2018. The Indian startups funding data of the first three-quarters from January-September- 2019 are in line with the previous year. In the same period in 2018, Indian

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