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In 2020, 52 new Indian startups become Unicorn

Indian unicorn startup club: 52 new startups ready to join the club In a report, published by the software industry body Nasscom, 50 Indian startups got funding of over $50 million in 2019. These 50 startups have the potential to join the club of Indian Unicorn Startups in the coming years. The trend of joining Unicorn startups is from 15

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Indian startups weekly fundraising figures – 3rd week October- 2019

20 Indian startups fundraising figures, weekly data, 3rd week october-19.

Indian startups have raised a total of $267.5 million from the investor in 20 disclosed amount deals from total 21 funding deals in the 3rd week of October 2019. One deal remains undisclosed. Among these, Cars24 raised the highest funding of $100 million from 15 investors, followed by Mygate raised $56 million, and CleverTap raised 35 million funding from investors.

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Indian startups fundraising data- 2nd week Oct-19

Indian startups fundraising- 2nd week of October-19

In the 2nd week of October-19, Indian startups raised a total of $101.85 million funding by 10 disclosed deals, while 6 funding deals remain undisclosed. Last week, Indian startups raised a total of $636 million from investors. A total of $101.85 million funds raised in total 16 deals by Indian startups. This week is led by Jaipur-based NBFC Kogta Financial,

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