Value Pick from Indian stock market based on Quarterly Results and Data: Todays Stock Mastek

Over 5000 Companies listed on Bombay stock Exchange. Many of this companies are closed their core business or are in process to roll out the businesses due to non-profitability or high debt burden.

For a wise investor it is important to manage portfolio based on Data. Today everything is on your finger print and you can achieve target with the help of DATA.

So, it is important to invest in stocks which supported with DATA, here are some stocks with verry low debt and have good profitably in the recent quarters.

You must invest in the stocks that give you return in the long run, but also it is important to update your portfolio periodically.  

Most important thing to understand is that the companies listed below are based on data available inn public domain.

For the coming quarter Good Stock to accumulate is Mastek, this is the one pick that is give you return because its fundamental supported with data.

Mastek Stock Overview:

  • Market Cap₹ 3,212 Cr.
  • Current Price₹ 1,273
  • High / Low₹ 1,464 / 175
  • Stock P/E16.6
  • Book Value₹ 387
  • Dividend Yield0.63 %
  • ROCE17.3 %
  • ROE16.0 %
  • Face Value₹ 5.00

Quarterly Results

Consolidated Figures in Rs. Crores


Mar 2018Jun 2018Sep 2018Dec 2018Mar 2019Jun 2019Sep 2019Dec 2019Mar 2020Jun 2020Sep 2020Dec 2020
Sales +224244257265267248244244337386410443
Expenses +196213226231232215215210278318323339
Operating Profit2831313435332934586887104
OPM %12%13%12%13%13%13%12%14%17%18%21%23%
Other Income73967595-01744
Profit before tax302933343731313249717794
Tax %35%22%24%23%27%23%21%19%21%34%23%25%
Net Profit192225272724252634405157
EPS in Rs8.189.4710.5511.1011.4310.1010.2610.7913.9916.5420.7623.03

Profit & Loss

Consolidated Figures in Rs. Crores / View Standalone

Sales +9437145947346839231,0135275608171,0331,071
Expenses +783627613710626833965512515718920925
Operating Profit15987-18245790471545100114147
OPM %17%12%-3%3%8%10%5%3%8%12%11%14%
Other Income228-712911141812214326
Profit before tax14767-565446822163996133144
Tax %4%-1%-1%91%22%24%20%17%17%27%24%21%
Net Profit14168-560345218143270101109
EPS in Rs52.4925.14-20.770.1913.9323.377.865.9713.8629.5342.3344.82
Dividend Payout %19%13%0%0%22%19%32%42%25%20%20%18%

Point to Consider to Invest

EPS: Increasing Quarter to Quarter, Increase 3 times in last 2 year

Profit growth : 45.63% CAGR over last 5 years

Sales: Increasing Quarter to Quarter

Profit Margin: Increasing Quarter to Quarter

Posibility: Multi bagger Stock, Value Pick

Mastek Is Value Pick for the long-term investment. One thing is very clear that make money in trading is not easy, create your portfolio with Small to MidCap and create wealth for the future generation.

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