Startup Pendulum, deals with misinformation on Video Platforms

Pendulum, a new Madrona Venture Labs startup, aims to combat misinformation on video platforms

Pendulum describes itself as an “information forensics company that classifies publicly available video content to identify the source, message, and evolution of harmful narratives.”

The company on Tuesday released a report that identifies QAnon videos on YouTube, Bichute, and Rumble. Pendulum identifies QAnon content using its own technology that analyzes various aspects of a video.

Maria Hess, partner and head of growth at Madrona Venture Labs, said the company has had interest from brand advertisers, advertising agencies, government organizations, media outlets, and others. Pendulum also analyzes audio and image content.

“We believe tracking and combating harmful narratives will be important for a variety of customers,” she said.

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