Skincare Startup Heyday Raises $20 Million

The company’s inclusive approach to skincare has delivered glowing results. With 10 brick-and-mortars across New York, California and Pennsylvania, Heyday has announced a Series B round of $20.5 million from lead investor Level 5 Capital Partners. Level 5 has a history of backing experiential wellness and lifestyle ventures, with companies like Orangetheory Fitness and Core Power Yoga in its portfolio. Previously, Heyday had raised $11 million ($3 million in 2017, $8 million in 2018), bringing total funding to date to more $30 million.

“It’s all about that step of removing the facial out of the spa, similar to how Soulcycle took cycling out of the gym and Drybar took the blowout out of the salon,” says Adam Ross, cofounder and CEO. “Spas can be intimidating so we have a gender-neutral design that brings this to life.”

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