Ajinkya Rahane started a new inning as Startup Investor

Ajinkya Rahane

Indian Test cricket team vice-captain Ajinkya Rahane has invested in Indian startups.

India is currently the world’s fourth-largest startup ecosystem, which is why many cricketers and actors are attracted to invest in new startups. Many sportspersons, mainly cricketers, have invested in Indian startups.

Ajinkya Rahane started a new inning by investing in Indian startups

Indian Test team vice-captain Ajinkya Rahane has initially invested in two Indian startups, a Mahindra-backed MeraKisan, an agri-tech startup, and Hudle, a digital platform for sports enthusiasts.

MeraKisan is an agri-tech startup that delivers farmers’ produce to its consumers through retail stores and e-commerce platforms.

 Hudle is a sports-based startup that works with the goal of being useful to players, helping Hudle players find and book sporting events and venues related to the sport they need.

According to Ajinkya Rahane, he has to meet different individuals and entrepreneurs during his many trips and he got ideas about startups and became interested in investing in startups. Startup founders are bringing new products to the market with new ideas in many fields, which is very attractive for me to invest in startups


Ajinkya Rahane has received investment inspiration and guidance from her business partner Akhil Ranade. It is important to know before investing in any business that you know how meaningful it will be in the business you are running. The business model and future plans need to be clear. It is also important to have a clear future plan for the startup founder company and have a plan for how to use you as a brand ambassador.

Speaking about investing in MeraKisan, he says he finds the agricultural sector attractive in the long run. MeraKisan is moving forward with an aggressive plan and has the potential to be profitable in the long run.

Rahane’s said about Hudle’s investment is that this startup will be meaningful for newcomers and sports enthusiasts. A lot of people are playing different games and this startup works in a way that suits them.


According to Rahane, he has discussed a number of topics with his business partner and is exploring new possibilities for investing in gaming, education, health tech, kids’ nutrition, and e-sports. Investing in these sectors will be worthwhile in the long run.

As a cricketer, he wants to work with aggressive ideas in the field of cricket and will always be committed to its development.

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