Bellatrix and Skyroot Aerospace have entered into a partnership to ferry small satellites into multiple orbits

Two Indian SpaceTech startups Bellatrix Aerospace and Skyroot Aerospace have joined into a collaboration to deliver small satellites into multiple orbits using a vehicle that will serve as a “space taxi”.

As per the agreement, Bengaluru-based Bellatrix will utilize its Orbital Transfer Vehicle (OTV) in the upper stage of the Vikram series of launch vehicles being produced by Hyderabad-based Skyroot, according to a Bangalore Mirror report.


The startup plan to have the first commission of a Vikram launcher with an Orbital Transfer Vehicle by 2023, the report said. In easy terms, an Orbital Transfer Vehicle is a spacecraft that supports deploying customer payload to specific orbits.

It supports global operators in diminishing time and costs while launching communication and earth research satellites acting like a “space taxi” to take satellites to their operational orbits. It provides a launch vehicle to deliver satellites to more orbits than what was conventionally potential.


This is the first contract between Indian spacetech startups after the government last year approved the creation of a new organisation, described IN-SPACe, to assure greater private participation in the country’s space ventures. IN-SPACe will evaluate the demands and requirements of private players and explore ways to provide these necessities in deliberation with ISRO.

Rohan Muralidhar, CEO of Bellatrix Aerospace, an intellectual property-driven spacetech startup founded in 2015, said, “We are convinced that this partnership will support us serve complex mission necessities and at the same time decrease the cost of entrance to space. The growing demand for modern satellite planets deployment in distinct orbits and on rideshare missions has not only made Orbital Transfer Vehicles (OTV) attractive but also significant.”


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