Telegram has become the world’s fastest downloaded messenger app

WhatsApp vs Telegram:

Telegram is the most downloaded non-gaming app in the world in January 2021. A total of 63 million downloads in January 2021, which is 3.8 times more than last year i.e. 2020॰

Globally, Telegram has the highest number of installments in India at 24%, followed by Indonesia at 10%. This information was published on Sensor Tower’s Store Intelligence platform.


The Telegram app was ranked 9th in December 2020, ranking first in January 2021. Telegram ranks fourth in the top 10 non-games apps with the most downloads on the App Store in January 2021.

Due to its technologies like open API and AI-based BOT integration, the app provides the messenger app with a competitive edge over other platforms. Compared to other apps, the Telegram app is giving more convenience, any businessman or individual can create a group of 2 lakh people, which is proving to be very useful in today’s times. This feature of Telegram is becoming the center of attraction.

Launched in 2013 as a cloud-based mobile and desktop messaging app, the Telegram app allows customers to share any file up to 2 GB. Telegram is focusing on the security and speed of its customers, which is why it has achieved such a great feat in such a short span of time.


TikTok comes in second with 62 million downloads. TikTok has the most downloads in China at 17%, followed by the US at 10%. Telegram and TikTok followed by Signal, Facebook, and WhatsApp, the five most downloaded non-gaming apps.

TikTok is the most downloaded in China, while Telegram’s grip is getting stronger in India.

This may be occurred due to the introduction of a new privacy policy by WhatsApp. WhatsApp’s this new policy has turned consumers away from them and towards other options.

This assessment of SensorTower’s Store Intelligence is between January 1 and January 31, 2021, taking into account downloads from the App Store and the Google Play Store.

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