500 Global Unicorn Startups market map

Global Unicorn Startups market map

CB Insights released data of 500 Global Unicorn startups in the latest report published. The valuation of these startups is around $370B. These billion dollar startups across the sections includes artificial intelligence, ecommerce, fintech, supply chain and logistic, and many more.

These 510 Global Unicorn startups are combination include verity of business ideas for the entrepreneur and startup founder. Each startup case is unique and has success business ideas.


These top 510 startups divided in 15 different categories from supply chain and logistic, fintech, SpaceTech, Cyber security, Artificial intelligence, Mobile and telecommunication etc.

After the boom in the ecommerce business many related sectors get fineficiary like fintech and payment, supply chain and logistics, store management to customer analysis.

Main Data From the report

Top most valuable companies includes

  1. China-based ByteDance, in the artificial intelligence category, brands include content platforms TikTok and Toutiao, $140B valuation
  2. ride-hailing company Didi Chuxing ($62B)
  3. aerospace manufacturer SpaceX ($46B)
  4. payments processor Stripe ($36B)
  5. short video app Kuaishou ($18B)

Top 10 Global Unicorn Startups

CompanyValuation ($B)Date JoinedCountryIndustry
Bytedance$1404/7/2017ChinaArtificial intelligence
Didi Chuxing$623/31/2015ChinaAuto & transportation
SpaceX$4612/1/2012United StatesOther
Stripe$361/23/2014United StatesFintech
Kuaishou$181/1/2015ChinaMobile & telecommunications
Instacart$17.7012/30/2014United StatesSupply chain, logistics, & delivery
Epic Games$17.3010/26/2018United StatesOther
One97 Communications$165/12/2015IndiaFintech
DJI Innovations$151/23/2015ChinaHardware

Trends by category

After the Big boom in ecommerce and digitalization, the most beneficial sector is fintech startups. These fintech startups includes 14% of total Global Unicorn.

  • Fintech 14% of unicorns
  • E-commerce & direct-to-consumer 13% of unicorns
  • Internet software & services 13% of unicorns
  • Artificial intelligence 9% of unicorns

The most valuable company in the fintech category is payments unicorn Stripe, with a $36B valuation as of April 2020.

  • In e-commerce & direct-to-consumer, the most valuable company is China-based fast fashion platform SHEIN, at $15B as of August 2020.
  • In internet software & services, US-based communication platform Discord, $7B valuation
  • ByteDance is the only private company considered to be a “hectocorn” (worth $100B+).
  • Twenty-six private companies (5% of total unicorns) are considered decacorns, worth $10B+.
  • 26% of companies included in the global unicorn club are valued at exactly $1B.

Geographic trends

The US has held a steady lead in share of unicorns (49%) since our last analysis in August 2019. China, in second place, also held its share (24%) in the same time frame.

The UK and India are tied for third place, each with 5% share, or 25 unicorns.

Sharp Growth in Global unicorn startup

The figure of global Unicorn startups jumps more than double in last 2 years. 68% Global unicorn startups join the club in 2018 and thereafter.

The Global Unicorn figure was 393 in August 2019 and it jumps to 510 at the end of 2020.

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