Indian B2B startups to watch for growth potential

Today B2B technology products and services are booming because of available wide range of bigdata and opportunity to read the customer mindset. Businesses are ready to give big amount to handle genuine business problems and to gain customer.

There are over 4,200 business to business (B2B) tech startups in India, 63% of which are working on enterprise technology in the BFSI, healthcare, retail and automotive verticals, according to a report by NetApp and Zinnov.

The study, Leveraging Start-Ups to Unlock Digital Opportunities in Large Enterprises, found that about 44% of all startups are B2B tech companies and 43% of Indian unicorns are B2B tech startups.

Indian startups are now proving quality ai-based products worldwide to handle business problems and best use of big data.

Microsoft also announced to collaborate with global professional services company Accenture to host the third edition of the Accenture Ventures Challenge for B2B startups in India. Microsoft in February launched the “100X100X100” programme to bring 100 companies to commit $100,000 each for enterprise-ready solutions from 100 business-to-business (B2B) startups in the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) space in India over the course of 18 months.

“The ongoing business disruption requires an urgent response, and we are confident that we’ll discover innovative new solutions from deep tech startups to help solve some of the most pressing business and human challenges,” said Avnish Sabharwal, managing director for Accenture Ventures and Open Innovation in India.

Here are some innovative B2B solution provider Indian startups, which provide unique solution by use of innovative technology like artificial intelligence, machine learning, neural language processing, deep learning, and robotics.


Prithvi AI Research and Development Corporate Business Government Machine Learning ML Deep learning DL Solution Enterprise Venture Studio Startup AI solutions is a seed-stage accelerator based out of Delhi-NCR founded by Nandan Mishra and Himanshu Ujjawal Singh. Prithvi AI helps startups not only develop the best machine learning products, but also helps them turn into a viable, scalable business.

A team of data science experts and leaders in business strategy and functions to help your startups not only develop the best machine learning products, but also to help them turn into a viable, scalable business.A community of Makers, Innovators, Learners, and Contributors to co-develop disruptive deep technology & AI solutions for the industries and governments.A platform for students, research associates, and seasoned professors to work on the most pressing issues in industrial and government sector and prove their academic prowess.

Total Funding Amount ₹10M.
Founded Date 2018, that received the maximum funding of Rs 1 crore, is a seed-stage accelerator, comprising of a team of data science experts and leaders in business strategy and functions. The firm said, it helps startups not only develop the best machine learning products, but also helps them turn into a viable, scalable business.

Why this is the perfect time to join! | by Aditi Sinha | Locale |  Medium

Operational analytics using location data to power your hyperlocal decisions. is a Bengaluru-based geospatial startup that is helping companies overcome these challenges and make sense of location data. Startups founded in 2019 by Aditi Sinha and Rishabh Jain.

Developer of real-time location analytics platform built to help quick delivery and manage demand. The company’s artificial intelligence-based platform provides product lifecycle analysis, trend and demand-supply analysis by reducing user churn and increase existing customer revenue by doing geo-targeting based on users they move and where they order from, enabling mobility and delivery companies to bring down their customer acquisition cost by expanding in areas based on latent demand. has raised 1 round. This was a Seed round raised on Apr 13, is funded by 3 investors. Better Capital and Pallav Nadhani are the most recent investors.

“We both had spent a considerable amount of time working on various geospatial projects with governments, FMCGs and startups; which is when we realised the need for a product like Locale,” shared Aditi Sinha in conversation with Analytics India Magazine. 

“We saw that data visibility and visualisation is a  repetitive problem that almost every company has. They have a lot of location data that they are collecting but they don’t have the right tools to solve those problems,” —  Aditi Sinha, cofounder of 

Seed Funding undisclosed, The company said in a statement that the funds will be used to scale and expand globally, primarily in the US. The Bengaluru-based startup is preparing to assist delivery companies globally to optimise supply operations via innovative location analytics (According to a person aware of the deal, raised between $100,000 and $300,000 ).


vernacular logo

Developer of a multilingual artificial intelligence platform designed to automate customer service operations through the use of natural language processing.

The company’s platform automates customer service operations using deep learning models and a Human-AI interface to extract meaning, context, and entities of incoming messages in multiple languages, enabling companies to interact and engage in any language with customers.

Integrate voice & conversational intelligence into your products through an independent platform that is always learning.

“Currently, we are supporting over 16 languages and scores of other dialects. For example, Hindi is not just one language for us, but we cover 12 other different dialects of Hindi. So, we have about 160+ dialects at this moment. Besides, we have also incorporated some South Asian languages like Bahasa in our software and also three versions of English including US, UK and Australia.” Sourabh Gupta, Co-Founder, and CEO,

“We have just 60 members. We had about 20-member-team at the starting of this year, and now we have increased by three times to about 60 employees who joined us in the past six months. We have not yet started operating in other countries, but we are exploring the partnerships abroad. We hope to raise 15% to 20% of our total revenue in the next couple of years.” Sourabh Gupta, Co-Founder, and CEO,

“We are not sharing ARR numbers of clients. But I can tell you one thing — 90 percent of our deals are more than $100,000 per year. So, this is the ARR number that we’re talking about. And post COVID-19, we’ve been able to close more than $500,000 deals as well,” Sourabh says. raised $5.1 million in a Series A funding round, led by Kalaari Capital and Exfinity Ventures, with participation from Angelist syndicate led by Aaryaman Vir Shah from Prophetic Ventures and LetsVenture syndicate led by Sense AI.

“Voice is the future of human interface with machines. Voice AI for Indian language is a hard problem to solve with diverse languages and dialects. has developed the most advanced and accurate Voice AI platform for Indian language. Strong adoption and rapidly rising demand among Indian enterprises is a strong testament of its platform,” said Darshit Vora of Kalaari Capital.


DaveAI Logo

Bengaluru based Artificial Intelligence sales augmentation platform, DaveAI is Founded by Dr.Ananthakrishnan Gopal, Ashok Balasundaram & Sriram P H in 2016.

Dave.AI is an Artificial Intelligence powered sales augmentation platform. The platform helps brands create a virtual sales avatar to understand their customers, customer’s preferences & deliver a personalized value selling experience that improves profitable sales for the brand. Dave.AI developed a patent pending Artificial Intelligence Technology called Empathetic AI, which can be deployed at the store-front on a mobile device, in the web or within a VR environment.

Dave.AI’s Interactive Adaptive Infinite Virtual Aisle (AIVA) © makes advanced hyper-real time recommendations personalized to each customer, while understanding the customer journey leading towards a successful purchase “We are pleased to be backed by investors who understand technology & believe that world class deep technology products can be built in India. DaveAI is an enterprise grade AI platform for creating next generation of Sales Experiences. This investment will help us enter new markets & sustain this growth at a global scale”, said Sriram, Co-founder & CEO – DaveAI

Talking about the investment, Vikram Upadhyay, Chief Mentor of GHV Accelerator said, ‘DaveAI faired extremely well to showcase the impact of their technology with Maruti Suzuki MAIL, powered by GHV Accelerator, a signature industry co-creation program. This not only gave DaveAI a strong Industry validation, but also a confidence to GHV about their potential. DaveAI forms a part of GHV’s AI vision, where we would be deploying along with other co-investors INR 100 crore from our network, out of which 25% is already executed.’

This round was led by Mumbai Angels Network. Nandini Mansinkha, Co-promoter and CEO Mumbai Angels Network commented, “Innovation of using Digital human avatars for having digital conversations is the best way to merge the physical and digital world altogether. We believe this innovation is going to progress in future by transforming enterprises. AR/VR technology has a vast market that offers a potential new way of interaction between customers and the world around us.”

Wobot artificial intelligence

Founded in 2017 by Tapan Dixit , Tanay Dixit and Adit Chhabra, is an AI-powered computer vision SaaS platform which helps hospitality, food, retail, and manufacturing businesses monitor their operations. Total Funding Amount $2.5M.

Wobot strive to help customers in reducing their cost of monitoring, risk of non-compliance, improve customer NPS, and the ease of doing their day-to-day operations. Last year, the startup collaborated with Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) to introduce AI to monitor the food production process across its several base kitchens.

“There was always a need to bring in a component of external validation at the time of audits. That was when we shifted our focus to video analytics. Using the existing CCTV infrastructure, it was possible to do regular or random audits – this gave birth to the idea of,” says Adit Chhabra, CEO. 


Wobot helps in reducing your risk of non-compliance, cost of monitoring, and increases your customer NPS. It is the most efficient way to monitor your team’s tasks and procedures. Wobot, the pioneers of process compliance automation using video analytics.



Empower Your Retail Decision Makers With Unparalleled Insights And Actions Derived From Visual Data

Infilect was started by Anand Prabhu Subramanian (former Bell Labs and IBM Research) and Vijay Gabale (former IBM Research, PHD IIT Bombay) in 2015.

Infilect’s SaaS products and Artificial Intelligence and Computer Vision based technologies continuously optimise retail supply-chain, from manufacturing to distribution to execution across millions of retail stores in global markets.

Total Funding Amount $1.5M, pre-series A financing led by Mela Ventures and 1Crowd, with participation from The Chennai Angels (TCA).

“Globally today, Retail Brands lack visibility into presence, placement, positioning, and performance of retail products across a large number of retail stores. The final frontiers, the retail shelves, largely remain undigitized, resulting in out-of-stocks and overstocking; a trillion dollar inefficiency worldwide,” said Anand Prabhu Subramanian, CEO and co-founder of Infilect.

“InfiViz, our flagship product, leverages IR & AI to process pictures of retail shelves from thousands of retail stores in Modern Trade and General Trade markets. InfiViz instantly generates revenue optimising action plans, reduces stock-outs, and consequently, improves same-store sales by 2% to 5%.”

“We are excited to be partnering with Mela Ventures, 1Crowd, and TCA. The investment and mentorship will help us build cutting-edge Deep Technology products and boost our enterprise sales in global markets,” added Vijay Gabale, CTO and co-founder of Infilect.

“Infilect’s products automate traditional retail processes with speed, accuracy, and on a large scale. Thereby, Infilect empowers decision makers in the entire organization, from associates to category owners to sales leaders, with unprecedented insights and actions. We see a great potential in ‘team Infilect’ to build a world-class Enterprise SaaS company out of India, and we are thrilled to be partnering with Anand and Vijay through our maiden investment,” said Parthasarathy N.S, Managing Partner, Mela Ventures.

“Computer Vision technology has the potential to unlock significant value in the retail sector in the areas of retail execution, customers insights and marketing. We are pleased to see Infilect gain confidence of Indian as well as global consumer brands. We are excited to be supporting Anand and Vijay in their quest to digitally transform retail operations worldwide,” said Girichandra Kuchangi, Partner, 1Crowd.

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