AI and industrial automation Overview: Slide show

Lots of the hype surrounding artificial intelligence in manufacturing is focused on industrial automation, but this is just one aspect of the smart factory revolution — a natural next-step in the pursuit of efficiency. What artificial intelligence also brings to the manufacturing table is its capacity to open up completely new avenues for business.

Artificial intelligence’s impact on manufacturing can be organized into 5 main areas:

  1. Predictive Quality and Yield
  2. Predictive Maintenance
  3. Human-robot collaboration
  4. Generative design
  5. Market adaption/supply-chain

Here 101 Slides to address all concepts, ideas, and trends of artificial intelligence in industry 4.0.

SCOR processes and the Supply Chain
Evolution of Digital Supply Chain
Impact of Digital Procuurement
Adoption Rates of Digital Technologies in Procurement
Smart Automation Transformation Impact
Sphere of AI, Automation Capability
Provision of greater real-time insights
AI impact on S2C
AI in Spend Analytics
Impact of  AI on Supplier Analytics
AI impact onP2P
End to end Supply Chain
AI use case Examples
Digital Factories 2020- Key messages
Use of connectivity technologies and big data analytics is set to increase dramatically
Building a data management foundation for scaling AI
main Pillars of Industry 4.0 concept
AI will be Ubiquitous in the Factory of the Future
Global Industrial AI Market
Connected Value Chain
Leading Industry 4.0 Vendors 2019
Industry 4.0 market 2023
Top Industry 4.0 use cases
Actionable Data from Supply Chain metrics

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