Seed Accelerator Health Wildcatters Adds 9 New Startups to Portfolio

Dallas-based seed accelerator Health Wildcatters has added nine new startups to its portfolio, bringing the number of startups under its umbrella to 77. 

The new cohort will join Health Wildcatter’s nationally-ranked accelerator program this fall. The 12-week accelerator, now in its eighth year, is a backbone in the North Texas healthcare and startup ecosystem.

The portfolio startups were picked from “a record-breaking pool of applicants,” said Hubert Zajicek, CEO of Health Wildcatters, in a statement. 

Going virtual in the pandemic has had its benefits, according to Zajicek: With the “majority of the program allowed for remote participation this year, we can expand our reach to include mentors and speakers from all over the world via Zoom.”

Zajicek said the geographical diversity of its portfolio now covers three countries and twenty-eight home states.

Meet Health Wildcatter’s fall cohort

Per Health Wildcatters:


 ColonAI is a software company that uses artificial intelligence to help gastroenterologists, physicians who specialize in diseases of the digestive system, efficiently screen, detect, and treat tumors during colonoscopy.

Digital Health Immunity

 Digital Immunity is developing advanced technologies to help companies safely navigate the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as reduce the impact of many other infectious diseases.


 EchoScope is a wearable, bladder analytics for prostatectomy patients.


 Firstlook AI’s vision is to reduce hospital costs and increase labor efficiency by implementing a clinical decision support system (CDSS platform) driven by a methodology in artificial intelligence known as associative memory classifiers (AMC) to optimize healthcare scheduling, thus improving patient outcomes.

Iluria Health

 Iluria aims to revolutionize the existing trial-and-error based treatment monitoring currently administered to ADHD patients by offering a comprehensive SaaS-based solution that provides continuous, objective, and passive monitoring, using biomarker data (smart wearable agnostic) and ML analysis.


 Karyosoft’s genomics intelligence data management platform revolutionizes life sciences research by empowering biologists to quickly transform and democratize vast amounts of genomics data into meaningful insights and discovery.


 Loop DX specializes in developing cost-effective, accurate, and timely methodologies for medical-related problems that the global healthcare systems face every day. The focus of LoopDX is to support the diagnosis of Sepsis, aiming to make the diagnosis easier for healthcare workers to understand and treat patients before the occurrence of further medical-related issues.

Reopia Optics

 Preventing the global myopia epidemic with unique patented optics.

Spectrum Disinfection

 Spectrum’s breakthrough technology powers a new class of consumer and commercial disinfectant: More powerful than Clorox bleach but safer for the environment.

Investment and Perks

Startups receive investment from Health Wildcatters and in-kind “perks.” Terms for the Health Wildcatters program “are what you’ll find at most accelerators,” the accelerator says. Health Wildcatters offers $30,000 for eight percent equity, as well as opportunities for follow-on and convertible-note investments to total a maximum potential investment of $380,000.

Focused on healthcare exclusively, the accelerator offers a diverse curriculum to speed a startup’s growth. One of Health Wildcatters strengths, according to Zajicek, is its accelerator mentor network that’s comprised of more than 200 individuals that span the healthcare industry, professional services, and many other verticals.

Health Wildcatters portfolio companies have collectively raised more than $100 million, according to the accelerator. 

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