14 Indian startups selected for Silicon Valley startup accelerator Y Combinator Summer 2020 batch

Indian startups have the third-largest representation after the United States and the United Kingdom this year, highlighted in a report published today.

Silicon Valley startup accelerator Y Combinator has chosen 14 Indian startups for its Summer 2020 batch. The batch, the first fully remote one for Y Combinator, comprises 197 startups across 26 countries.

The entire interview process was done remotely and the three-month programme, including group meetups, individual meetings, and evening talks took place over video conferencing.

Indian startups have the third-largest representation after the United States and the United Kingdom this year.

The startups will showcase their products to over 2,200 investors in an invite-only, virtual demo day programme that kicked off on Monday and is culminating later today.

“The remote batch and demo day brought in two big advantages. It provided more time to focus on business and traction. It also enabled a much bigger pool of venture capitalists and angel investors to attend the demo day, which simply wouldn’t have been possible in a physical setting,” said Saurabh Nangia, chief executive of employee social network Mesh, which was part of the Summer 2020 batch.

The latest batch includes centralized health record system startup Farmako Healthcare, people analytics startup inFeedo, B2B commerce platform Bikayi, e-commerce delivery startup WareIQ, B2B payments network Cradle, online conference hosting startup Zuddl, fintech startup Decentro, doctor and nurse marketplace MedPiper and direct-to-consumer sock brand SockSoho.

Statiq, an electric vehicle charging network; Eatable, which allows customers to place takeaway or dine-in orders in advance from nearby restaurants; Orange Health, which helps doctors set up a full-service clinic online, and SuperTokens, which helps companies securely manage their session tokens, are also part of the batch.

ET reported about the financing rounds of Mesh and inFeedo earlier this month.

Till date, Y Combinator has invested in multiple Indian startups including, ClearTax, RazorPay, Meesho, Observe.AI, Supr Daily, Drivezy, CureSkin, Innov8, Kisan Network, DocTalk, GoLorry, RedCarpetUp, Cashfree, Groww, Leena AI, Kyte.ai, Ziffy Homes and Prodigal Technologies. The applications for the winter batch of 2021 are open. The programme may be fully or partially remote, depending on the Covid-19 pandemic.

The famed startup accelerator said some of the top global startup themes this year include businesses that are revamping traditional industries, online communities, ed-tech, future of work, fintech, developer tools, healthcare, and marketplaces.

Y Combinator, which incubated internet majors like Airbnb, Stripe and DropBox, has backed about 100 Indian companies, including digital payments firm Razorpay, social commerce player Meesho and fintech startup Cleartax.

Since its inception in 2005, Y Combinator has backed over 2,500 startups, of which 25 are valued at more than $1 billion and 170 startups at $100 million or more. Y Combinator portfolio companies have a combined valuation of over $100B.

Full list of startups Selected for the Y Combinator remote summer batch:

  • Zuddl
     Bharath Varma, Vedhu Sayyaparaju
    Founded In: 2020
    Headquarters: Hyderabad
    Zuddl is a made-in-India online conferencing solution that also allows users to go live
  • Medpiper Technologies
    Founder: Nitthin Chandran, Pranay Suyash
    Founded In: 2020
    Headquarters: Bengaluru
    Medpiper Technologies is an online networking and job search platform for medical professionals like doctors and nurses.
  • SockSoho
    Founder: Pritika Mehta, Simarpreet Singh
    Founded In: 2019
    Headquarters: Chandigarh
    SockSoho is a direct-to-consumer brand that focuses on socks for men.
  • Decentro
    Founder: Rohit Taneja
    Founded In: 2020
    Headquarters: Bengaluru
    Decentro is an automated application programming interface (API)-based platform that enables financial integrations with just a few lines of code.
  • Statiq
    Founder: Raghav Arora, Akshit Bansal
    Founded In: 2020
    Headquarters: Gurugram
    Statiq is an electric vehicle (EV) charging network that allows users to find the nearest charging station to charge electric cars or bikes.
  • Mesh
    Founder: Gaurav Chaubey, Saurabh Nangia, Rahul Singh
    Founded In: 2020
    Headquarters: India
    Mesh is a social networking platform for remote companies to drive goals and get feedback.
  • Farmako Healthcare
    Founder: Aman Bhandula, Kaishu Sahu
    Founded In: 2019
    Headquarters: Panaji
    Farmako Healthcare is a centralised health record system that helps users to save their medical reports, prescriptions digitally at one place.
  • Eatable
    Founder: Pritam Khan, Mainak Sarkar
    Founded In: 2019
    Headquarters: Bengaluru
    Eatable is a software platform that allows customers to view digital menus on their phone and place orders in advance for dine-in or takeaway.
  • inFeedo
    Founder: Tanmaya Jain, Varun Puri
    Founded In: 2016
    Headquarters: Gurugram
    inFeedo is an AI-powered engagement bot to predict employees who are disengaged or about to leave the company.
  • Bikayi
    Founder: Sonakshi Nathani, Ashutosh Singla
    Founded In: 2019
    Headquarters: Hyderabad
    Bikayi is a B2B startup that provides free WhatsApp integrated ecommerce store setup with payment gateways and order tracking.
  • WareIQ
    Founder: Aayush Mattoo, Harsh Vaidya
    Founded In: 2019
    Headquarters: Bengaluru
    WareIQ is a B2B services that offers next-day delivery solution to ecommerce companies.
  • SuperTokens
    Founder: Advait Ruia, Rishabh PoddarFounded In: 2019Headquarters: MumbaiSuperTokens helps web apps securely manage their session tokens.

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