Innovating to combat COVID-19: Startups in Bengaluru develop products to help fight deadly virus

From medicinal mushroom tea to immunity-boosting rotis, startups in Bengaluru are going all out with innovations in the fight against COVID-19.


  • Startups in Bengaluru have developed products to fight COVID-19
  • The Karnataka government launched eight products developed by the Bengaluru Bioinnovation Centre.

Techies in Bengaluru are making the most of the lockdown and developing innovative products to help combat COVID-19. From immunity-boosting chapatis to a sanitizer for fruits and vegetables, the techies have created them all. The Karnataka government on Thursday launched eight such products aimed at mitigating COVID-19.

These products have been developed by various startups at Bangalore Bioinnovation Centre (BBC), an initiative of Karnataka Innovation and Technology Society (KITS), a wing of the IT-BT Department.

“These technologies and products add to the list of earlier products launched and developed by the startups at BBC. This shows that Karnataka has emerged as a leading state in developing solutions to fight the COVID-19 pandemic, which is a result of the robust innovation ecosystem present here.”

Speaking at the launch, Karnataka’s IT-BT Minister Dr Ashwathnarayan said,

“The start-ups have developed these products in a short time. This demonstrates that the incubation, facilitation, funding and ecosystem building efforts by BBC is bearing fruits,” said Dr Jitendra Kumar, Managing Director of BBC.

In fact, Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore and BBC signed an MoU to utilise the expertise and capabilities of IIM in market analysis. This would also help the start-ups navigate through market forces and expand their businesses.

The eight innovations include a device for contactless monitoring of patients during COVID-19 pandemic, an immunity-booster tea prepared from the medicinal mushroom, a chewable tablet containing curcumin and Vitamin B12, an immunity-booster chapati having a mixture of herbs, immunity booster drops having a mixture of herbs, a fruit & vegetable sanitizer, a mini UV purifier that can be attached to a water tap to kill 99% of microbes and finally, an anti-microbial HVAC module that can be fitted to the HVAC system to ensure circulating air is sanitized.

Source> timesnownews

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