Few AI-oriented Startups making inroads with content and media

No technology trend today comes with more hype than artificial intelligence. Yet AI researchers often joke that most people don’t quite see how it’s changing the world—because as soon as something like Siri or Nest weaves itself into our lives, people forget it’s “artificial.”

As that definition of “reliable data” continues to expand, so too will AI applications. Here are a few AI-oriented ventures making inroads with content and media:

· Arria — Natural language generation platform that parses complex data sets, in any vertical, from finance to meteorology and writes expert-level reports formerly assigned to human analysts.

· Banjo — Ingests all types of digital signals from Twitter, Facebook and around the Web, to offer up the latest big stories faster than humans can discover them.

· Knotch — Analytics startup that helps brands, agencies, and publishers understand how their branded content impacts audiences.

· Narrative Science — Processes data, from weather to stock prices, to write news stories and insights.

These examples just scratch the surface of what businesses and researchers think AI can do for media. If they come through, these changes will raise complicated questions. What becomes of the media jobs AI eliminates? Who’s on the hook when machine intelligence gets the facts wrong or commits libel? These questions will likely require answers even more intelligent than the technology.

Read full story: wired.com

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