Definition of successful startup entrepreneur: 4 key points to remember

4 points of successful startup entrepreneur

Definition of startups entrepreneur

Today, here I want to explore the exact meaning of the buzz word “Entrepreneur”, many people are writing, speaking, reading about the word an entrepreneur. Build a business, run a business, and give employment are some common parameters about the word entrepreneur, and the word entrepreneur is revolving around these parameters.

If you go online and search for a dictionary meaning or you think about the word and what community think, the most common definition you found is, “a successful businessman, a person who built a company on his capability, and earn money from the business and gives employment to many youths.”

Earlier entrepreneur means, earn some money and build a business empire based on that money and with the help of banks or other sources of funding.

The definition is old fashioned, and it does not fully support the latest meaning of a word startup entrepreneur.

The latest meaning of an entrepreneur is based on the ideas of the person. An entrepreneur is a businessman, but a startup entrepreneur means problem-solver businessman with unique innovative techniques.

A person, who solves the complex problem of a single person or society, and earn money from this problem-solving capability, we call him a startup entrepreneur.

Now, I use the word startup entrepreneur, which means a person who solves the same problem with a different view and becomes easier for the end-user.

Startup entrepreneurs always give the best option of a problem with a new addition to the present solution.

We know, every problem has a solution and everybody knows this, but a startup entrepreneur gives a solution with some more added. Sometimes it may be copy-pasted ideas, but new addition provides more value to the present solution, and this addition provides a new attitude to the business.

4 points of successful Startup entrepreneur

After the definition of a startup entrepreneur, we now learn the four main 4 points of the successful startup entrepreneur.
The below mentioned main 4 key factors and quality of the successful startup entrepreneur.

1. StartUp entrepreneur isn’t complainer, but a problem solver

In society, most people always are in complaining mode and start critics to society and the system. An entrepreneur always is in thinking mode to identify the problem and fix the problem. If someone solves the problem, he gets the benefit from it, directly or indirectly.

“Do your work, without worry about the result,” said in holy book Geeta, Lord Krishna to Arjun.

If you do something with the right intention in the right direction, you will get the expected result.

A startups entrepreneur is always in search of the problem that best matches with the technology and ideas he has to solve the problem.

Nothing is impossible, but only needs high attention, and the brain to solve complex situations.

2. Start with one and time will turn everything

Success starts with the first step. Every Ph.D. holder started from Kindergarten, and achieve outstanding target step by step.

No shortcut to get more, you earn quickly by race, but not longer. A well-planned framework of ideas gets more.

Each move is supported by the subsequent move.

A successful entrepreneur must follow all the steps.

If you solve the one person’s problem successfully, then you solve the problems of anyone, a success mantra for the startup entrepreneur.

Facebook started from a university campus, to solve the problem of communication of a group of students, and it becomes global.

Startup is never global with the beginning. But focus on the problem, identify the related groups, and describe your solution.

At the start, you are single to present your ideas, but after some time, thousands of people started to spread your idea.

With a clear vision, set your targeted goal and do your best to achieve it.

3. For a Startup entrepreneur- your weapon is your technology

StartUp entrepreneur means, you have ideas, you have an understanding of your problem and have the desire to solve the problem.

The next big thing a fighter needs to win any war is weapons, and for a startup entrepreneur, your weapon is your technology.

Many technology solutions are available in the market, but what the new addition you made is important for startup success.

If you have any well-defined innovative technology that changes the whole concept to solve the problem, then and then only, you become a successful startup entrepreneur.

What you add or change to solve the complexity, and making things easier for the consumer, that has important.

Think, how you do it?

Is it possible?

Is it applicable?

Is it acceptable?

Is it adequate?

You find all answers in the first step if you succeed then go ahead with a clear vision and plan.

4. Your commitment is your energy

A successful startup entrepreneur has novel ideas, an understanding of the problem, innovative technology, and the fourth most important thing an entrepreneur need is a strong commitment towards his work.

To win a race needs energy, and your energy is in your commitment.

A fully committed person can only lead the team and motivate the team.

Most successful entrepreneurs highly connected with their desire, and they never influence by any hurdles.

When you are in a process of solving a problem, some other problems also simultaneously run with you. Your strong commitment will solve all these hurdles.

The entrepreneurship is not an easy path to travel; it needs broad thinking power, resource management, communication, and the ability to represent ideas towards the world. 

All these things are not easy, but your strong commitment will make them easier and simpler. Confidence in your ability makes you stronger to handle complex situations.

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