Google Launchpad Accelerator India selected 10 Indian StartUps for 3rd batch

Google Launchpad Accelerator India selected 10 Indian StartUps, 3rd batch
Google Launchpad Accelerator India selected 10 Indian StartUps, 3rd batch

World’s technology giants Google selected 10 Indian startups for the upcoming 3rd batch of Launchpad Accelerator India, a Google initiative, three-month-long programme to support advanced technology-based indian startups.

Google started a worldwide Launchpad regional accelerators initiative to support early-stage startups to address the local market. Google mentoring startups with advanced technology, network, and help startups to build their innovative products.

Google’s Launchpad Accelerator India is based in Bengaluru and completed 2 Accelerator batch. The selected 10 Indian startups from many applications invited in august 2019 to participate in the 3rd batch, starting from October 14 in Bengaluru.

These startups provide solutions based on advanced technology in Artificial Intelligence, machine learning, Cloud, and product development strategy which addresses the Indian socio-economic problems.

These selected Indian startups get advanced training, mentorship opportunities, and participate in events to scale up their ability to become successful startups. Startups get best of Google in AI/ML, Cloud, UX, Android, Web, Product Strategy and Marketing.

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Agricx is a Thane -based Agritech startup founded in 2016 by Saurabh Kumar and Ritesh Dhoot. The startup using Ai and smartphone to identify the quality of the products by shape, color, count, Uniformity of the crop. Agritech startup Agricx also provides enterprise application to the trader to procure products directly from the farmer.

Ambee is a Bengaluru-based air quality data analytics startup founded in 2017 by Akshay Joshi, Madhusudan Anand, and Jaideep Singh Bachher. The startup uses Air Quality sensor, CO sensor, Temperature & Humidity, Dust, Noise, and UV sensor, hooked to a Bluetooth and a Wifi module to send air quality data server. 

Artivatic is a Bengaluru-based Ai supported startup founded in 2017 by Layak Singh, that provides intelligent systems for automated decision making to healthcare, insurance, and finance businesses.

CureSkin is a Bengaluru-based Ai-backed healthcare startup founded by Guna Kakulapati, Ramakrishna R, and Charu Sharma in 2017. The Healthtech startup CureSkin is a Dermatology App, uses image recognition techniques that detect, analyzes and treats all skin and hair conditions.

Intello Labs is a Gurugram-based Agritech startup founded in 2016 by Milan Sharma, Himani Shah, Nishant Mishra, and Devendra Chandani. Intello Labs is an Ai-based agri product assessment app, use image technology to assess the quality of the post-harvest commodity. App will coming soon for use.

Jiny is a Bengaluru-based world’s first assistive UI platform for businesses, founded in 2017 by Kushagra Sinha and Sahil Sachdeva. Startup Jiny enables voice assistance to the users, Jio Sarthi in Myjio App is also powered by Jiny, which assists in customer-preferred languages. Jiny also supports e-commerce consumer enterprises.

Nayan is a road safety and traffic monitoring startup founded by Jayant Ratti in 2015. Startup Nayan detects traffic violence by Ai-powered crowd sourced video data. The app-based advanced AI-driven solutions give guidance to the driver about safe and risk-free routes to their destination. Startup Nayan also provides real-time monitoring of vehicles to the transport companies.

Nira is a fintech startup, founded in 2017 by Rohit Sen, a first-generation British Indian who has 12 years of experience with Bank of America, Merrill Lynch, and Goldman Sachs. Fintech startup Nira provides instant credit up to 1 lakh by its App to approved customers from Federal Bank, a partnered bank of the startup Nira.

PerSapien is an air pollution detection and control solution provider established by Dr. Shashi Ranjan in 2017. The company claims that its product, Car Air Sanitizer brings down the Air Quality Index (AQI) at WHO standards of air quality within 2 minutes. The team of PerSapien invented Active Molecular Technology (AMT), an innovative technology, which purifies the air.

SustLabs is a Mumbai-based startup founded in 2016 by Kaushik Bose. Its product SustLabs OHM connects house electric meter with consumers mobile and provides real-time electric consumption data. Automated metering and big-data analytics startup SustLabs incubated by SINE-IIT Bombay.

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