10 best startups success business ideas for Indian entrepreneurs

Top 10 startups business ideas
Top 10 startups business ideas

Indian entrepreneurs and startups are now focusing on solving the complex problems of a society facing many decades. Here are the best 10 startups business success ideas to follow.

Many sectors are in focus to implicate your startup ideas to become a successful startup. The sectors like finance, healthcare, B2B platforms, insurance, education, and many services sectors need to organize by using advanced technology and ideas.

In this article, I mentioned some of the sectors and types of business now in focus in India to transform your ideas into the business model.

Top 10 Business startups success ideas trending in India

1. Sharing Culture, Trend living with less

Culture sharing is developing in India in many sectors. From business to business, business to retail, retail to business, etc. Lots of business concepts developing in India on the basis of sharing the assets, services, products, knowledge, workplace, skills, etc.

Nowadays to start a new business needs a big investment in assets and infrastructure, so the founder in try to find a way to overcome this problem and adopting sharing culture in all these services with other businesses, invest the same amount in the development of core business ideas and products.

Same ways people also started sharing their workplaces, houses, offices, with small to medium-size businesses and get earning plus reduce the basic costing of maintenance.

Technology-based business models that organize this concept of business will have big chances of success.

2. Organize the Retail Business, Scope in Indian Retail market

Business platforms like Ola, Uber, Oyo rooms, many Food delivery startups, are the best example of to organize the sector-specific retailer and being a big Unicorn startup without investing much in infrastructure in India.

Still many retail sectors are unorganized and require technology enhancement in the sectors like healthcare, transport, basic need household needed services of the common man from healthcare to legal, pharmacy, etc, and Indian farmers a big group needs some innovative type of organization from Agri product development to farming requirements.

3. Online coaching and consultancy, trend of distance coaching

Like freelance work platforms, now demand for online coaching and consultancy from remote is trending slowly in India. Wide spreads of internet services taking the place of face-to-face consultations to video consultancy and live chats. It will save time and money for both the consultant and the customer.

Now, doctors, advocates, sports consultants, life consultant provides online consultancy services.

Innovative technology makes this trend simple and easy to use.

4. Plastic alternatives, trend of eco-friendly concept

In India use of single-use plastic is very common, but now the trend is changing by the eco-friendly concept and the government’s approach to band and minimize the use of plastic. This is an opportunity for the entrepreneur and startups to provide options to use of plastic. Recycling of plastics, app-based new options to reduce the use of plastic will help the concept of minimizing the use of single-use plastic. Plastic waste is a big problem in Indian metro cities, now the time comes when people rethink about the use of plastic.

Many big firms and corporate houses pledged to minimize the use of plastic in day to day activities. The concept of rethinking plastic is trending in the coming years in India.

5. Education apps and platforms, trend of online educcation

Indian startups now getting enough funding in the education sector. The startups proving many online options via platforms and apps like teaching material, find college and universities, Abroad education consultancy, Higher education loans, video-audio tutorials, skill development education(no degree), online books- audio-video on subscription and software, etc.
The demand for higher quality education is improving with time and many startups providing solutions in skill development. Still, the sector has a huge demand gap and needs more investment in the sector. Startups with innovative ideas and technology to provide quality material or online coaching will have many opportunities in the sector.

6. Personal health apps, trending preventive health

Indian Healthtech startups are getting enough funding from investors because they found opportunities in the sector. The Indian healthcare sector is now moving towards the use of technology in patient care, hospital management, Diet and nutrition, regular health checkups, pharmacy management, doctor consultancy, elderly care, baby care, etc.

These all are possible by the app-based health services, that trending in India in 2019. Many startups are using innovative technology, artificial intelligence, and patient data in the early prediction of many life-threatening diseases. The personal health-apps business model is taking market place this year.

7. Luxury PetCare, new developing trend in urban India

In urban areas, having a pet is very common and people started spending on pet care. The startup business model combines pet training with pet care, medicines, and vaccination, product selling. The sector is unorganized and has options for the startup’s entrepreneurs to take benefit of the new trends.

Now, the customer wants all services in a roof, to save time and easy availability of services. Indian Pet Care Market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 20% by 2022. The main four segments of the market are pet food, pet accessories, pet grooming, and pet healthcare.

8. Beauty care services, choice of Indian woman 

Indian society is traditionally endured to beauty care. Most of the housewives to professional Indian women use beauty care products and services. 

The sector is still unorganized, and on big occasions like marriages, festivals, social functions, night parties, cultural events, corporate events, etc, the demand for beauty care is trending in India. 

Big middle and upper-middle-class also started the practice of professional beauty care services in India.

9. Fintech Business models, Destructive chanages in Indian financial market

The sector is booming by the adoption of innovative technology in the financial market. Fintech startups are providing solutions to financial institutions and Banks to identify the genuine customer to grant loans, identification of the early sign of NPA, Regularity checkups, fraud identification, etc. For all these needs innovative technology solutions and startups have a big opportunity to solve these complex problems.

Second is of retail side, startups provide options to the retail customer to manage their financial assets and investments, bill payments, loan search, easy EMI, credit management, Bonus, rewards from merchants, etc.

The third section is of fintech startups providing solutions to retail and small-to-mid-sized businesses to manage their accounts, balances, cash flow, easy payment from the customer, easy billing, etc.

This sector has a wide range of options for startups to provide innovative tech-based solutions to large institutions to the retail customer to fulfill their financial requirements.

10. Quality Food Services Trending

Adulteration in food products is a significant and real problem in India that requires an early resolution. The entrepreneur and startups can solve this problem through the use of technology.

StartUps with innovative ideas to give an option to the common man to use their services to find out the genuine and quality food is a big market for startups and entrepreneurs.

The Foodtech business model has many options like finding adulteration, sell tested material, lab check options, a tech-based app to check the quality of the products, biological-contamination checkups, organic food manufacturing, and platform to link related services, etc.

Today, most food-tech startups are providing, ready to eat quality food on demand, search and recommendation of restaurants, reviews, etc. But still, have many options for the food tech startups to use innovative technology, and provide services in untouched sections of the sector. The demand for quality food is increasing in Indian customers and the food-tech startup has a big opportunity to address this demand.


  1. Thanks for giving useful information, sir want to start a food start up, I need funding for it , of u have any idea ab it please send details about it , how to get funds for new start-up s,

    Your s sincerely Vijay Lokhande

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  2. Hello Mahesh !!
    I just read your article while scrolling. You nailed the subject really well!! India is a developing country which definetly needs start ups by the Indian Entreprenueurs to boon the Buisness and market in our country. You have given reliable and understandable strategical ideas with an in depth knowledge of the subject.
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  3. This post speaks multitudes of worth for individuals and small groups of individuals trying to establish startup businesses especially during these times when it is almost impossible to find hope in ever creating a successful business. I got a lot of ideas from your post. Thanks a lot.

    I actually stumbled upon your post as I was in search of possible ways to earn online and I found https://www.therisr.com/ as well. I think it is a platform both for freelancers and startup businesses. I hope that when it starts, freelancers like me and startup businesses would actually benefit from its operations.

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