Startups Story Parkr- A car parking startup

Founders of Parkr, Wali Kashvi, Devendra Rara and Nirav Ganatra
Founders- of Parkr

Indian startups are now focusing on to solve genuine problems of day-to-day public life. Indian startups are on the way to provide quality options to ease public life through the use of innovative technology.

The most focus area in metro cities is traffic and parking problems. The concept of smart-city is irrelevant if the problem of parking is not solved.

Many IoT-based, Smart Parking Platform provide a world-class unique set of technology and data capabilities to solve for parking management and congestion in our cities.

A growing bootstrapped startup, Parkr provides an online solution to the car owner and driver of parking their car, book online parking space, and enjoy their city tour and shopping. Car parking startup Parkr is now in the race of solving a complex problem of parking in Mumbai.

Parkr is a Mumbai-based car parking booking Startup, founded by three experienced entrepreneurs Wali Kashvi, Nirav Ganatra, and Devendra Rara.

Co-Founder Wali Kashvi has experience of 18 years in Business Management Consultant, and he contributed to driving business results for various companies including some Fortune 500 & SMEs. Nirav Ganatra has more than 18 years of experience and expertise in Marketing, Entertainment, and Events. Co-founder Devendra Rara has executed key roles in institutionalizing large technology-based projects with various IT giants across the globe.

The startup team is working under the advice of Advisory Consultants Prof. S.L. Dhingra, an IIT Bombay (Retired), Transport & City Planning and Ashok Datar, an Expert in Urban Transportation, Mumbai City.

Car parking startup Parkr business model
Car parking startup Parkr business model

Startup Parkr is presently providing parking facilities, with live online booking in 147 live locations in Mumbai. Startup Parkr partnership with Companies, Contractors and Operators, to link their parking location with the Parkr portal and available for the online booking.

Mumbai is an economic capital of India and three million estimated vehicles run every day on Mumbai streets.

Car parking Startup Parkr is solving the complex problem of car parking in Mumbai. It provides an innovative solution to Mumbaikar to search, finds, pays, navigates, and parks their car at the desired destination.

The concept of a startup is to organize parking space providers and also provide a platform for car owners and drivers to book car parking destinations online in advance.

“with a focus to streamline the organised & digitise the unorganised landscape of parking across the country. We specialise in creating robust innovative technology based solutions to integrate with our mobile platform incorporating IoT, Analytics & AI. Our objective is to increase comfort and convenience for the end user while benefiting all partners.” from webportal Parkr.

Startup Parkr, presently available for live online parking space booking by the web portal, and on our query co-founder Devendra Rara replied, that the company will launch App soon to give a more flexible option to Mumbaikar.

Co-founder Devendra Rara also said that the startup is bootstrapped, and will plan in the future to get funding from angel investors and venture funds to expand business in Mumbai and other cities of India.

The company plans to streamline the organized and digitize the unorganized landscape of parking across the country.

Car parking Space a problem in India

India is the fourth largest economy of the world, the number of vehicles added in the first 60 years was 100 million, and added another 100 million in just the next ten years.

The people are now more aware of parking rules and an average Indian ready to follow the parking rules. In research found that, in cities like Bengaluru and Ahmedabad, parked vehicles hold up 30% of the total road area. This problem must need an immediate solution and more need for public parking is required in metro cities.

BMC’s focus on car parking- rules and penalty

BMC is taking many measures to enhance the use of parking facilities in the city area, for this BMC increased penalty charges on violation of parking rules.

Business Today reports that The Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) and Mumbai Traffic Police have implemented new traffic rules applicable from July 7, 2019, and penalties on parking vehicles in the no-parking zone will cost a fine of Rs 5,000 to Rs 23,000 depending upon the vehicle.

This rule is applicable in all vehicles parked in a 500-meter radius of the 26 authorized public parking lots and 20 designated BESTS depots in the city. BMC also plans to implicate these rules in other areas of the city.

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