ISRO partner Spacetech startup Kawa Space funded by PayTm founder Vijay Shekhar

Earth Satellite Images -Kawa Space
Image source: Kawa Space
  • Earlier company raised funding from Bengaluru and Chennai-based SpecialE.
  • Other investor in the startup includes Cure Fit CEO and cofounder Mukesh Bansal, who invested Rs 10.3 crore and Hyderabad-based Skyroot Aerospace.
  • Kawa Space team lead India’s first private space mission, and won the historic contract to build 27+ satellites for Indian Government and India’s Space Research Agency (ISRO).
  • Dhruva Space, Bengaluru and Hyderabad based, founded in 2012 with the aim of building India’s first private commercial satellite.

Kawa Space founded in 2019 by Kris Nair and Bala M, presently company has 16 members team.

This is a time when worlds all focus on Indian space program Chandrayan2, launched by ISRO and Startup Kawa Space got the funding from a reputed investor.

At the same time Indian investor also focusing on Indian SpaceTech startups.

Kawa Space designs and operates most advanced earth observation satellite constellations for its customers in financial services, government jobs, strategic risk management, and agricultural sector.

Kawa Space is one among the few new-age Indian spacetech startups that are gaining momentum alongside the ISRO.

India’s space program has been a government-backed effort but now that is changing, with the emergence of a clutch of space technology startups.

From propulsion and rocket technology startup Bellatrix, to satellite makers Dhruva Space and Team Indus that aspire to bid for entire programs rather than supply piece-meal parts, there are now about two dozen startups in this track compared to only a handful three years ago.


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