Investopad founder launches a $25 million Good Capital fund to fund early-stage startups

Rohan Malhotra  and Arjun Malhotra- Founders of Good Capital and Investopad
Rohan (L) and Arjun Malhotra- Good Capital Founders
  • Investopad founder Rohan and Arjun Malhotra have launched a new Venture Capital fund ‘Good Capital ‘of $$25 million as an initial amount.
  • Arjun Malhotra is a co-founder of Investopad and also the CEO of Proximity.
  • Good Capital has already raised a total of $12M in a single venture fund and plans to reach a total of $25M in a year. The fund was announced on Sep 8, 2019. 

Good Capital has partners counts strategic investment company Symphony International Holdings as one of its anchor investors. The Mauritius-registered fund has also on-boarded many European family offices and Silicon Valley-based entrepreneurs, including Sunny Madra, co-founder of Autonomic, among its list of limited partners.

The fund established to support early-stage startups up to Series A round of funding. Fund will focus on both B2B and B2C solution providing startups.

The initial amount of funds is about $25 million. Rohan and Arjun Malhotra planned to fund the amount ranging from $1 to $2 million per startup.

VC Good Capital started its journey with investment in SimSim and Spatial Inc. Good Capital invested $1.5 million in startup SimSim in a seed round, video-based e-commerce. The company also funded an undisclosed amount in startup Spatial Inc.

Good Capital aims to invest in innovative technology StartUps solving problems related to the Indian sub-continent.

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