Matrix Partners and Sequoia Capital India invested $4.5M in Fintech startup OneScore

Pune-based Fintech startup OneScore raised $4.5M in Seed round of funding from Matrix Partners and Sequoia Capital India on Sep 5, 2019.

OneScore is known as First Principles Labs Technologies founded by Anurag Sinha, Rupesh Kumar, and Vibhav Hathi.

Anurag Sinha works as a Lead Engineer at PayPal Checkout. He is leading the design and development of the PayPal checkout payment platform.

Rupesh Kumar has 15 years experience of in ICICI bank; here he works as a TitleHead – Mobile Banking and Digital Payments.

Vibhav Hathi has 14 years of experience as a Business Head-Prepaid Cards at ICICI bank.

The founder has large-scale professional expertise and experience with leading financial institutions and understands the Indian financial market very well.

OneScore App is free to check Credit score and get an update on how to improve credit score. Users can check the payment history, loan and credit card history.

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