Fitness and HeathTech Startups promoting Fit India Movement launched by PM Modi

Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi launching Fit India on national sports day.
Prime Minister Narendra Modi launching Fit India Movement

‘Fit India Movement’ launched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on August 29. The day celebrated as National Sports Day.

‘Fit India Movement’ is coordinated by the Sports Ministry with the support of ministries information and broadcasting, HRD, Panchayati raj and rural development, health, and youth affairs.

HealthTEch and sports startups go ahead with new ideas and technology to get the benefit of the Fit India movement.

Currently, India’s fitness market is pegged at $3 billion. However this market is focussed on urban areas and is perhaps slowly trickling into smaller cities and towns of the country.

Indian healthtech startups in focus, Curefit, GoQii, HealthifyMe, InnerHour, YourDost and Wysa.
Healthtech startups

List of top indian healthtech and fitness startups

Many Indian HeathTech startups Like CureFit, healthifyme and GOQii already in the field to keep people healthy and fit by providing help on diet, exercise and providing experts views


Bengaluru-based HeathTech Startup founded in 2016 by Ankit Nagori and, Mukesh Bansal.

CureFit is an Indian health and fitness company offering digital and offline experiences across fitness, nutrition, and mental well-being.

CureFit operates gyms under Cult.Fit, healthy food offerings under Eat.Fit and mental wellness under name Mind.Fit 

CureFit has the backing of Ratan Tata and Hritik Roshan who is also the brand ambassador.


HealthTech startup GOQii founded by Vishal Gondal in 2016. GOQii’s enterprise offering provides an end to end preventive wellness solution. 

GOQii has raised a total of $51.7M in funding over 10 rounds from 14 investors. The latest funding was raised on Sep 3, 2019 from a Series C round lead by Bennett Coleman and Co Ltd and Niraj Arora as most recent investors.

  • GOQii’s enterprise offering provides an end to end preventive wellness solution. 
  • GOQii smart preventive health plan provides 3 months, 6 months and a 12-month family care plan.
  • GOQii plan provides teleconsultation with Doctor, Health Expert Consultations and free coaching.

GOQii is a preventive healthcare app that tracks and analysis the day to day activity and provides support to maintain quality health.


HealthTech startup HealthifyMe founded in 2012 by Mathew Cherian,  Sachin Shenoy and Tushar Vashisht.

  • HealthifyMe has raised a total of $25M in funding over 7 rounds funded by 17 investors.
  • The latest funding was raised on Nov 16, 2018 from a Series B round. 
  • Samsung NEXT and NB Ventures are the most recent investors.

HealthifyMe is an application that allows its users to achieve their fitness and weight loss goals from their computers and smartphones. HealthifyMe has partnered with more than 75 companies in India and their app includes Ria, an AI nutritionist.

Mental HealthTech startups in focus


InnerHour is a Mumbai based online psychological wellness platform founded by Amit Malik.

Amit was also working as Commercial Director of a healthcare organisation, where he saw that technology could potentially help him answer his question. Inspired and driven, he set up InnerHour with Dr. Shefali Batra in 2016.

The focus has been on using technology to disrupt the way in which mental healthcare is delivered and consumed.

InnerHour has raised a total of $450K in Seed round of funding on Feb 7, 2017 from an investor Ventureworks India.


Bengaluru-based startup founded in 2014 by Prakhar Verma, Puneet Manuja, Richa Singh and Satyajeet Nandekar.

YourDOST has raised a total of $1.6M in funding over 2 rounds led by SAIF Partners. Their latest funding was raised on Jun 27, 2016 from a Series A round.

YourDOST is an Online counselling platform to connect with psychologists & counsellors for guidance related to personal, professional and academic matters.


Bengaluru-based mental fitness startup founded in 2015 by Jo Aggarwal and Ramakant Vempati.

HealthTech startup Wysa has raised a total of $3.9M in funding over 3 rounds funded by Pi Ventures and Kae Capital. Their latest funding was raised on Jun 20, 2019 from a Seed round.

Wysa is an AI conversational agent that has been shown to help improve mental health. Wysa is a virtual coach that combines empathetic listening with evidence-based therapeutic techniques like CBT, meditation and motivational interviewing.

Many corporate groups like Cognizant, Godrej, Accenture, Infosys, and American Express tie-up with healthcare app and provide round-the-clock healthcare consultation services to employees and dependents.

Bollywood actors Akshay Kumar, Madhuri Dixit, Rutik Roshan, Deepika Padukone are brand ambassadors of these apps and creating awareness in the country regarding Fitness, exercise, healthy eating, and sleep patterns.


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