Digital India service provider StartUp Veri5Digital secured $2 million investment

Bengaluru based India’s leading Identity and digital solutions provider StartUp Veri5Digital secured $2 million investment from Vinod Khosla led Khosla Ventures in Series -A Early Stage Venture funding. Veri5Digital started by the San Jose State University graduate, Saru Tumuluri in 2016.

Veri5Digital is a Khosla Labs Initiative, Formerly known as AadhaarBridge. Veri5Digital is the fastest and most cost-effective way to enable Digital India services.

Veri5Digital products and services:

1.      KYC: Aadhaar KYC and Video ID

2.      Signature: Aadhaar based eSign

3.      Aadhaar Hosted: Manage AUA/KUA Servers and Aadhaar Vault

4.      Payment: eNACH mandate management

Products: Veri5 KYC, Veri5 Sign, Veri5 Hosted, and Veri5 eNach

Veri5Digital having the technologies to achieve universal Identity Verification. Startup provides hosted Aadhaar services for UIDAI licensed entities (Banks and Telcos) and it is pioneering in B2B, PAAS and SAAS based solutions enabling Digital India services. 

Veri5Digital claiming that it provided authentication solutions over 10 million transactions for 250+ businesses across banking, insurance, lending, internet and service-based companies, and mutual fund houses. These companies use the services of the Veri5Digital to verify the documents and customer identification by video Identification also.

Veri5Digital is now Focusing on the use of Machine Learning, Data Analytical and Blockchain techniques to achieve the requirement of 12 billion Aadhaar holder services in India.

Veri5Digital is a big beneficiary of the Digital India program and developed solutions to meet the requirement e-verification of the document by use of Video-Selfie and Government-issued Identification proofs to offer a KYC service.

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