5 Startups success ideas

The law of attraction says, “what you think is anyway comes to you in the form of a product.” Thoughts make the product. The same law works on the startups ideas; think, think and think, and you found a unique product to solve complex problems. To develop the first product is always hard, but innovative, it gives a more accessible way for other travelers to follow.

The latest innovative technology like Artificial intelligence, Deep Learning algorithms, Neural Network is available and now need to use the mind to access Big Data and find some novel solutions to the existing problems or make some valuable insight into the business by use of these technologies.

“90% Of Startups Fail: Here’s What You Need To Know About The 10%” Forbes writer Neil Patel

Some people are unique and give a solution to any question within a few seconds. They give a quick answer to any question by their smart thinking ability if this smartness combines with technology than it will be an innovative model for the Startup ideas.

Broad thinker and solution provide personality will success in startups.

Personal skill for successful startup founder
image source: yosuccess

Why 9 out of 10 startups unsuccessful?

One out of ten Startups reach the targeted destination, and nine died without any notification. This is a common occurrence in the startup ecosystem. In the success stories of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Whatsapp, etc like social media platforms, all these works on a single formula user-generated content. All these successes because each platform provides a unique way and a unique type of content method.

That means if you know the field, but you don’t know the unique way or method to attract customers than you will not succeed.

Top five Startups success ideas

1.Technology and ideas– Startups success idea

A startup started to find a innovative way to give a solution to a subject and implement innovative technology and they think they will succeed.

When Startups are dealing with the B2B than technology matters and ideas support, but when you deal with the B2C than ideas matter and technology supports.

Without an idea, How technology help?
Ideas of when, where, and how to use modern technology to solve the complex problems.

Startups are not a product like TV or Fridge that you use the technology and customer satisfied and will pay you. Startups are ideas of Attraction by technology.

2. A customer wants results, not how they got

Which technology you used doesn’t matter for the user. The technology matters for the entrepreneur but not for a retail customer who wants a unique best solution. Your simple answer like OLA, UBER, UrbanClap are solving problems within seconds and give relief.

Lots of business directories we found online, just posted business information and customer care support service, on the same ideas some Startups give instant 100% solution and fulfill the service requirement.

Most of the InsurTech Startups working on the idea of search and recommendation, and it works but if you provide some unique that saves some of the customer giving in the form of money or time or energy than it works.

3. Demand and supply, right product at right time

Destructive technology created many new opportunities for the Startups, and it works on “come first earn first” formula.

If you are late, then your chances of success also limited. Provide the right solution at the right time, and you must be aware of the new trend and psychology of the consumer.

Most of the startups come from the sector where the founder has experience of dealing with real problems he faced, and know the customer demands. The combination of a founder is a technology expert and the other is sector expert than success probability is higher than average. The combo of experience and expertise provides a more successful model of startups.

4. People are not products but emotion

After understanding the problem or question, provide an answer with emotional touch because it works with human and human has some emotions.

If the Startups reach the emotions of the customers then the chances of success dramatically increased.

5. Where technology matter, where ideas matter, where founder matter

When Startups are dealing with the B2B than, technology matters and ideas support, but when you deal with the B2C than ideas matter and technology supports.

The retail customer-centric approach needs ideas and support technology.

We had seen that most of Venture Funds bidding on the founder related to startups not only on the idea or technology.

So, preference is important where you want to work. A combination of ideas, technology, and expertise gives unique successful startups ideas.

When we speak, “Thoughts create product” means ideas create products and ideas comes from expertise and experience. Expertise relate to technical expertise, experience relate to sector experience.

All the successful startups one or more ways follow the above mentioned fundamental startup ideas.

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